Crawer Lighting Dealers
Veenweg 23a
9561 TL Ter Apel Nederland
Telefoon: +31 (0)597-234500
Dorpenbaan 19
5121DE Rijen Nederland
Telefoon: +31 (0)85 2007056 (NL, EN, DE) 
Agerhatten 27A, indg. 3,
5220 Odense SØ Danmark
Telefoon: +45 25666165
WhatsApp: +45 25666165

Dealers van Crawer Lighting 
Rütenmoor-West 30
49733 Haren (Ems) Germany
Telefoon: +49 (0) 3222 1851714 
Todnheimveien 97
4312 Sandnes Norway
Telefoon: +47 415 12 300

Want to become a dealer?

Ledhandel24 has been the first Dutch dealer for the high quality LED lamp brand Crawer Lighting since 2018, but we are continuing to grow!

Key selling points for Ledhandel24 are fair prices and a high level of service. Because of this proven service and experience, Crawer has chosen as the first Dutch dealer.

In addition, Crawer is still looking for other dealers in Europe with the same quality and service standard who can supply the lamps directly to private individuals and companies. The company can be contacted about this at