Crawer Worklight ovaal 60 watt Oval CREE

79.95 ex. btw

  • For John Deere R-series
  • 60 watt Worklight
  • 5100 lumens
  • CISPR Class 4
  • Waterproof: IP68

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✔ 2 year Warrenty on all Crawer lamps

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Due to its unique design, this CRAWER Worklight can replace the existing roof lighting of the John Deere R-series.

This powerful 60 watt Worklight from CRAWER is equipped with 12 x 5 watt CREE LEDs that generate a light output of 5100 lumens. The Worklights from CRAWER are 100% radio suppressed because it complies with CISPR Class 4.

The heavy stainless steel bracket can withstand the heaviest vibrations. The heavy cast aluminum Housing is powder coated for a luxurious appearance and at the same time ensures a good heat transfer to its environment. The lens is molded into the back of the lamp which makes it IP68 Spray-proof. All in all really a lamp that can withstand the toughest use.

Many manufacturers of LED Worklights write “radio suppressed” while only a small amount of the electromagnetic radiation is removed. It is technically correct that the lamps are then radio suppressed. CRAWER’s Worklights are truly radio-suppressed and tested according to CISPR guidelines. CRAWER lamps meet the highest CISPR standards!

Power: 60W, 12x5W CREE LEDs
Material: aluminium+rvs
Led chips: CREE XTE
Light color: 6000K
Lifespan: 30.000 hours+
Waterproof: IP68
Luminous flux: 5100lm
Radio interference suppressed: Yes, CISPR CLASS 4
Dimensions (mm):  175*130
Voltage: 9-32V
Warrenty: 5 year

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