Crawer Lighting Technology

Crawer is a young and dynamic company that provides light-technical solutions. By taking care of the development, production, advice and sales in-house. Crawer remains committed and flexible to ensure you get the best LED lights possible.

The Crawer team collectively has light years of experience in the application, development and production of lighting. In addition to selling standard products, Crawer also has a wide range of lighting for special applications and we provide free professional light calculations on request.

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Dealers across Europe

Our dealers deliver our Crawer Lights within 1-4 days of your order. This way you are quickly assured of the best lighting in no time.

Outstanding service

Service is of paramount importance to us. We have extensive knowledge of our LED lighting and are happy to help you make the best choice.

High Quality

All LED lights from Crawer are of extra high quality with a long lifespan, always 100% free of radio interference and no less than 5 years warranty.

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Our Mission

Light is elusive for many and there are many players in the market offering lighting. Crawer wants to distinguish itself here by offering the right lighting that suits every application. The customer is key to this process and is always honestly informed about the possible advantages and disadvantages of a new setup with LED lighting from Crawer.